Piano Care

Servicing your Piano

Your piano needs to be kept at a relatively constant temperature because of its internal structures and wood. Keep your piano away from cold drafts and central heating (like in front of a heater). If the room is too heated, the soundboard might be damaged.

Your piano also needs to be kept in a relatively dry place. Dampness will cause the strings to rust and the dampeners to warp.

Clean and polish your instrument using piano polish and a very soft cloth. At Mr. Piano, we offer a range of piano polishes for sale.

Have your piano tuned regularly by an expert tuner. Call us for a referral: (02) 9808 3088. The first time tuning is free when your purchase a piano at Mr. Piano.

Ask the tuner to keep your instrument at standard pitch (A equals 440 cycles per second).

Buy a tuning fork to check the pitch. Tuning forks are usually set to a standard pitch.

Remember your piano is like a piece of valuable furniture. It is prone to scratches, especially the outer cabinet. Mr. Piano offers a free piano top cover with every piano purchase to ensure your piano maintains its beautiful exterior.

Mr. Piano also offers 10 years warranty (labour + parts) so you can rest easy. Your piano is in good hands.